1. Live in Rhythm

From the recording Live in Rhythm

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Live in Rhythm

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Nate Clendenen - Vocals, Guitar
Kyle Coffey - Organ, Melodica
Joseph Esham - Pedal Steel Guitar
Charlie Greenhalgh - Bass
Dave Gladding - Drums and Percussion
Featuring Ted Bowne (PASSAFIRE)

Written by Nathan W. Clendenen (ASCAP), Ted Purnell Bowne (ASCAP), and Charlie Greenhalgh
Recorded and mixed by Ted Bowne at the Passafarm, Princess Anne, MD
Mastered by Randy LeRoy, Tonal Park Studios, Takoma Park, MD

© 2020 Poor Man’s Muse


Yes I am a worried man
Yes I am a tortured soul
Just can’t turn my eyes away
From all the struggle in this world
Out there every single god damned day
People are dying in the streets
At the hands of their fellow man
Turned brutal beast

Now we’ve got to turn this ship around
We’ve gotta set another course
For we are already drowning
Shipwrecked under lethal force
So if you’re out there on the sidelines
It’s to get in the game
Stand up for your brothers and your sisters
Remember their names

You don’t need a doctor to tell when your eyes are open
You don’t need to raise your flag to know which way the wind is blowing
You don’t need no politician to tell you how you come correct
You just need a true heart beating in your chest

Oh Just live in rhythm... Just live in rhyme…. Let’s get together… NOW is the time

I’m living’ rhythm in every possible way
A calculated cadence to everything that I say
Time is related to everything man made
And the routine is something that’s hard to obey
I march to a drum that’s never been played
By anyone but myself and it’s not gonna change
Like the blood that’s rushing through my veins
Don’t need a doctor tell me when I’m wide awake