Words Girls & Games - Vol 1

Eastern Electric

Rock and Roll punctuated by twang and grit, salt and sand, earth and ocean... Vol 1.

"Words Girls & Games - Vol 1" is the first of two releases from Maryland-based Roots Rock band, Eastern Electric. It is a collection of songs about precisely that subject matter... the words of promises, the girls of romance, and the games of elaborate stratagems. On the surface, they are songs of heartbreak. Dig a little deeper and these tracks offer optimism, wit, and candor in the face of that heartbreak.

From the ground up, Eastern Electric is a band of layers. Their unique sound is built on a deeply solid rhythm section, followed with the expansive and at times ethereal layers of pedal steel guitar and organ, solidified by smooth and smoky vocals.

Recording began in January 2016 in a studio just south of Baltimore, MD. An epic winter storm interrupted the initial sessions and ultimately prolonged the completion process until nearly a year later. But as the pieces gradually came together, like whiskey in a barrel, these tracks had the chance to age.

“Words Girls & Games - Vol 1” features 5 original tracks heavy on twang and grit. Plug in your favorite device... and turn that sh*t up!

Eastern Electric is: Nate Clendenen - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Mandolin, Percussion, Hand Claps Kyle Coffey - Piano, Organ, Keys Joe Esham - Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals, Hand Claps Charlie Greenhalgh - Bass Sonny Martin - Drums, Percussion with special guests: Sara Kryscio - Vocals Bobby Read - Saxophone

Written by Nathan W. Clendenen (ASCAP) Arranged and performed by Eastern Electric (c) 2016 The Electric Co., LLC

Recorded and Mixed by Frank Marchand, Waterford Digital, Millersville, MD Saxophone tracks recorded by Bobby Read, Small World Audio, Charlottesville, VA Mastered by Randy LeRoy, Airshow Mastering, Takoma Park, MD

Cover Photo by Jason Shatzer for Old Time Photographs, Ocean City, MD Layout and design by Nate Clendenen

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