Joe Esham is a native of Maryland's Eastern Shore.  Currently hailing from the coastal town of Nanticoke, his journey into music started on the bass guitar at age 13.  After many years of learning several different instruments, it was the raw, bluesy, molten sound of the Weissenborn Lap Steel Guitar that truly caught his attention.  Becoming a man of all things slide guitar, Joe dove into the Pedal Steel and helms the enigmatic instrument for Eastern Electric... and the Nate/EE side project, Nate Clendenen Steel Trio. 

As well as crafting ethereal melodies and steely sonic layers with EE, Joe has several stellar solo projects under the names Ramblin' Roots and Rivers.End.  When you catch Ramblin Roots you'll recognize the band members... regularly incorporating the rest of the EE lineup.  Check him out at

Photo by Alyssa Maloof Photography